Free Customer Service Number & Routing Scan

What is the telephone accessibility of your (international) customer service like during a crisis or unexpected spike? Can it be improved? And what about your normal accessibility and call distribution?

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The more products or services you sell, the more calls your (international) customer service receives. Plus you’ll need new international customer service numbers when your products or services are available in more countries. Chances are, you get these numbers from various suppliers without an underlying strategy or cohesion.

Separate set-ups

As your reach increases, more routing is necessary to make sure calls are answered in the right place. This too is often set up separately for each region. Do you still see the big picture? And what’s the set-up or back-up plan if unexpected call peaks arise and your contact centers are overloaded with calls? Can these contact centers collaborate efficiently so you only speak to the urgent callers and assist other callers in a different way?

The bigger picture

Use our knowledge and experience to visualize the bigger picture together with you:

  • Is your current customer service call routing set-up organized as efficiently as possible? Or are improvements possible?
  • What’s your back-up plan in case of call spikes and overloaded contact centers?
  • Do your (international) customer service telephone numbers still comply with local rules and regulations?

Free scan

The Customer Service Number & Routing scan is a 1-on-1 online session in which we discuss your current customer service set-up. Based on this, we analyze the situation and identify opportunities for optimization. Without any obligation, no strings attached. This is our free service to you, even if you are not or do not want to become a customer.

Conscious choices

We regularly come across situations we think can be handled more efficiently. Often this is due to not being aware of all the different possibilities. And that is a missed opportunity. That’s why we’re eager to help. So you can make conscious choices about the (international) accessibility of your customer service. Ready to find out which improvements you can make?

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