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UIFN Numbers

UIFN numbers are Universal International Freephone Numbers. This means you can use the same customer service number for several countries. They are free to call, like toll-free numbers and also look similar so what sets them apart?

uifn universal freephone numbers

UIFN numbers


The main advantage of a UIFN number is that the same number can be used for different countries. Something that usually gets a thumbs up in the marketing department. Calls to these numbers can easily be routed elsewhere worldwide. This means you don’t need different customer service centers in each country. UIFN numbers provide an easy way to enter new markets and to establish international presence and accessibility. That’s why they’re often used by large multinationals for international customer and technical support.

UIFN numbers


But there are some conditions. UIFN numbers are only available in countries that are a member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). That’s far less than the availability of toll-free numbers. What’s more, UIFN numbers

  • take longer to activate (but we can gladly do it for you)
  • are more expensive (our rates are very competitive)
  • and not all providers allow for these numbers to be called (can’t change that, unfortunately).
uifn universal international freephone numbers
Universal International Freephone Numbers uifn

UIFN numbers

How does it add up?

Looking at the pros and cons, there are serious weighting factors on both ends. This can make it hard to determine whether or not this is the right number for you. Questions that are important to consider:

  • for which countries do you want to use this number and are these countries a member of the ITU
  • what’s the expected volume of calls and minutes per month
  • do you need the numbers fast
  • what type of number does your competitor use in those countries

The answers will give you an indication of the availability, expected costs and probability of obtaining the numbers in time. If you’re having trouble determining whether this is the right number for your customer service or if you already know you want to order, get in touch. We’re happy to help.

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