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Blog - May 18, 2018

Make sure you’re ready for seasonal sales peaks

Summertime is coming! Sunny days are on their way. People are preparing for the outdoorsy life: planning BBQ parties, buying new garden furniture, cleaning up the garden and planting flowers. The customer service departments from outdoor retailers and garden centers are buzzing with phone calls: people requesting information, asking questions, or wanting to return or exchange their product.

Seasonal sales peaks spring

Same season, different scenario: it is raining cats and dogs in May. People are longing for the sun after a cold and wet winter. The travel agent’s call center is overwhelmed with calls from people trying to find a sunny place for a reasonable last-minute price.

Every industry has seasonal peaks

These are examples of seasonal peaks companies can expect. More or less evident, almost every industry has annual peaks like these: the run-up to Tax Day for tax agents and authorities, people buying presents and clothes for Christmas in November and December including special sales days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday and so on. For many companies, such events could easily account for over 30% of the total annual inflow of calls.

Create a lasting impression

You want to serve your customers and not keep them waiting too long, right? Many of these spike calls can be first-time customers you definitely would like to convert into recurring customers. This is your opportunity to make a lasting impression. So open the door and don’t torment them with your voice recorded message announcing how many other callers you have and letting them wait. They don’t care! They want an agent to help them. Now!

Short term staff

On the other hand, this peak only lasts for a limited period of time. Therefore you do not want to hire too many extra call agents. They will need to be trained and you might not even be sure what to expect of the seasonal peak. If spring brings awesome weather, people might prefer spending their holiday closer to home and not book a trip. Then all your extra hired staff will be sitting there, not bringing in but only costing more money. So, what to do?

Back-up plan

We understand your dilemma and we got your back, without costing extra money when it is not coming in.

For those times demand for your service is too high, we have a back-up solution. This Overload Solution will automatically be thrown into gear when the system recognizes call volume is exceeding your answering rate. It includes intelligent (re)routing functionalities, call-back features, together with messaging options to pro-actively inform your customer when waiting time is zero.

Want more good news? This Peak Time Solution is free of charge for our customers who rely on us for their routing management!

Sales success

Seasonal peaks can be stressful for customer services. At the same time, they offer a perfect opportunity to increase Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer satisfaction. To turn an overwhelming inflow into success you will need to be prepared.

Our Peak Time Solution will help you to be prepared, so you can seize the opportunity. After all: ‘’Success occurs when Opportunity meets Preparation.’’