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vidaXL is an international online store selling various brands of home, garden and DIY products. It's been in business since 2006 and is currently active in 29 countries over 3 continents. Making it one of the fastest-growing webshops in Europe.

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The challenge

vidaXL’s rapid growth needs to be supported by good local customer care accessibility in all their countries of operation. This requires suitable service numbers for each individual country, which are routed to five physical call centers.

vidaXL was struggling to obtain and set up all the different contact numbers they needed. The work was too much effort to undertake in-house. And their telecoms service provider was not able to act fast enough, or within an acceptable budget. The pace of expansion was limited by this failure to get the required service numbers in place quickly. Additionally, vidaXL was experiencing issues with the quality of incoming calls, which was not good for customer satisfaction.

The solution

We obtained all the required contact numbers within a short time-frame, and for a significantly lower cost than quoted by the previous provider. We took care of every aspect of the process, so vidaXL did not have to divert time and resources to this complex and cumbersome task.

The switch to Sound of Data’s voice platform ensures consistently good call quality. It is directly linked to the vidaXL network through a private IP connection. Failover to a 2nd data center location provides a back-up in the event of any technical outages.

The difference made

  • Unimpeded expansion. With all required local contact numbers in place, and the ability to obtain more at short notice whenever needed, vidaXL can continue to enter new territories without customer care service numbers being a limiting factor.
  • Reliable quality. Thanks to high-quality technical set-up and continuous monitoring, vidaXL can be confident in maintaining good call quality at all times, for both inbound and outbound calls.
  • Overload solution. As an added bonus, the Sound of Data platform also automatically manages any overload situations. When inbound call volume gets too high, calls are diverted to other call centers where agents are available to answer them. So customers always get through to a helpful voice, without being aware of any diversion.

In short

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The business

vidaXL is an international online retail store.

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The challenge

Expansion into new countries.

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The solution

Obtaining suitable inbound numbers within a short time-frame enables unimpeded expansion, with minimal effort and cost.