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Customer story - international fashion retailer

One of the largest fashion retailers in the world has been a customer of Sound of Data for over 15 years. What once started with managing telephone accessibility for the Dutch customer service has grown into a collaboration for the entire international telephone accessibility, both internally and externally.

International player

This fashion retailer is active in over 70 countries in the world and has more than 4,000 stores and online shops for various brands. In most of these countries, customer service is available both by phone and online.


Independent partner

Sound of Data is their independent partner in the field of telephone accessibility. We also advise on phone numbers and take care of all administrative actions related to these numbers in the various countries. This way, the retailer only has one point of contact for both internal and external telephone accessibility.


Migrate legacy systems

A recent customer service challenge involved the migration of a number of legacy systems. Various local telephony solutions were used within the company, in the various countries in which it operates and with external customer contact partners. As a result, the overall overview was lacking and international accessibility was not as stable as desired.


Migration to Genesys PureCloud

A migration to the central customer contact platform Genesys PureCloud was the solution to this problem. This allowed all local telephony solutions to be phased out and implemented in Genesys. Both the internal and external agents now work with the same platform. During this migration, accessibility was always maintained and there was never any downtime.


Easy to connect external partners

External infrastructure of partners that do not work with Genesys can easily be connected. The relevant numbers and traffic are delivered to Genesys and directly to sip/pstn where necessary. This way the retailer can still freely choose new partners and the way of working together.


Internal IT migration

Another recently completed project was the migration of the telephone accessibility of the internal IT department from 12 countries. This accessibility is now arranged via Teams and complemented where necessary with special telephone numbers and direct routing of calls. Special protocols apply for data transfers for certain countries.


Sound of Data is proud to have been a partner of this large fashion retailer for so many years.

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