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Freshworks Refreshed '23-Unleashing the Power of AI

This event is your gateway to staying ahead of the curve, discovering strategies for delivering delightful experiences, and connecting with other industry leaders in person. Get inspired, gain valuable insights, and elevate your business to new heights in the eyes of your customers and employees. Date: 12 September 2023, Verkadefabriek Den Bosch

Why attend

This half-day event will enable attendees to stay on top of current trends as we explore strategies for delivering delightful experiences that create excited advocates, accelerate sales, and take IT to new heights. You will get to meet, engage with, and build relationships with other customer-facing and IT leaders in their own community — live and in person. You’ll leave with the knowledge and connections that will help you elevate your business to rockstar status in the eyes of customers and employees.


At Refreshed, you’ll get to;


  • Stay on the beat of current trends in CX, IT, and CRM.
  • Uncover new ways to delight customers and fuel business growth.
  • Learn from peers who share the same passions and challenges as you.
  • Build connections with other leaders in your local community — live and in person.
  • Break away from Zoom life for a half day of fun, inspiration, and discovery.

What to expect?

Key sessions include conversations, practical tips, and actionable strategies on:


  • Emerging IT trends, foreseeable challenges, and the way forward.
  • New opportunities to improve CX and employee engagement in your business
  • Tech spotlight and live demos featuring our core solutions and recent announcements

Benefits of attending

  • Expand your technical knowledge of Freshworks products, gain exclusive insights into future product roadmaps, and ask questions of on-site experts.
  • Access to Freshworks executives, product experts, and industry leaders.
  • Sneak peek into emerging IT trends, foreseeable challenges, and the way forward.
  • Build relationships with peers who share the same challenges and interests as you
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