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Custom telephony

Need a telephony application that is slightly different from standard? And that connects different systems? With custom telephony you get a solution that fits seamlessly and always works.

Customized solution

There are issues that are specific to your organization and therefore do not fit into a standard application. For example, because different systems need to exchange information, information has to be converted from email to SMS/text messaging or speech, text or sound have to be generated. It can be anything.

In practice

High accessibility of the solution is essential for these types of issues. It must always work. What kind of solutions can you think of?

  • convert emails to SMS/text messages that are automatically sent to a group, such as with a technical service
  • automatically dial out, such as with a messaging service
  • custom ivr that requires connections between different systems
  • SMS/text messaging for voice verifications
  • SMS/text messaging for reminders or referrals

Launch quickly

To build these types of custom telephony solutions, you use CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service). With CPaaS you add real-time communication channels to your own business process without having to build or manage a backend infrastructure and interfaces. This means that a customized solution can be launched relatively quickly and, if desired, can also be easily reproduced for another department or brand.

Wondering whether your issue can also be solved with a custom telephony solution? Contact us to explore the possibilities.

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