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Customer story Janshen-Hahnraths Group

Janshen-Hahnraths Group is a strong player in the Dutch slot machine industry with around 60 years of expertise and approximately 600 employees. The group is best known for its more than 30 Fair Play Casinos. In addition to operating these casinos, the group was granted a license for online gambling from the Dutch Kansspelautoriteit (Gaming Authority) on September 29, 2021. Since then, the group is also active with Fair Play Online.

Janshen-Hahnraths Group

The challenge

One of the requirements for actively exploiting online gambling in the Netherlands is telephone accessibility. This meant that Janshen-Hahnraths Group needed a Dutch business number at short notice in September 2021, including routing to their contact center in Malta. It was important that the contact center could distinguish between Dutch-speaking and English-speaking callers.


The solution

The Janshen-Hahnraths Group contact center uses Freshdesk. A Freshcaller Trunk was set up to optimally process inbound calls and to make outbound calling easier. Both inbound and outbound calls are routed via the Sound of Data platform and terminated at the contact center in Malta. An IVR was set up to distinguish Dutch- and English-speaking callers and route them correctly.


““We are very pleased with how quickly this number was requested and activated. It has been active without problems ever since. The line is clear and the quality is good. It is also very convenient that we only need one number for the different languages.””

Willeke van Es

Customer Support Manager

The result

Because of the integration with Freshdesk, the caller’s data is retrieved when a call is forwarded to the agents. This way they have all relevant data at hand when answering. Missed calls are recorded as a ticket in Freshdesk. Here too, customer data is immediately retrieved, when available, so the agents can easily call back or respond in another way.


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