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Reduce toll free traffic costs in this easy way

Reduce the cost of your toll free numbers, even when your volume increases? You can! When customer service calls are carried out via an internet connection, you avoid the mobile surcharge that is charged in multiple countries. And that results in significant savings. How does it work?

Reduce toll free traffic costs in this easy way

Toll free numbers are popular

Many customer services use toll free numbers. These numbers can be called free of charge, which makes them very customer-friendly. Quite often, these numbers are also visually appealing and therefore easy to remember. But in many countries toll free numbers are more expensive than other types of customer service numbers, because telecom operators charge a mobile surcharge. And because more and more customers call with their mobile, the costs increase considerably at high volumes.


Customer-friendly and reliable

Changing your customer service number to another type is usually a lot of hassle. Also because these numbers are often communicated on all kinds of different media. A toll free number also creates a feeling of reliability and customer-friendliness. And you don’t want to change that.


Calling over the internet

That’s why we developed Talk. With Talk you can maintain telephone accessibility via toll free numbers and still save costs. It’s a click-to-call application that enables people to call via the internet instead of the telephone network. Talk uses WebRTC and works on any device with a microphone, internet and a modern browser. Such as mobile phones, desktops and laptops.


Technology of the future

WebRTC is also used in applications such as WhatsApp, Google Meet and Facebook Messenger and is one of the most prominent technologies for connecting people. That’s why we use this technology for Talk. Because despite continuous digitization, human contact remains desirable. It is more personal and, especially for urgent and complex questions, more efficient than purely digital channels.

Unique benefits

In addition to potential cost savings, calling from the browser offers a number of unique advantages compared to a regular telephone call:

  • Increases conversion: browser-based conversations gives you time and space to highlight tips and special offers
  • Simplifies feedback: Talk enables you to ask how the caller experienced the conversation after the call in the same screen
  • Speeds up international growth: place a Talk button on your new foreign websites and you can be reached by telephone immediately
  • Simple routing: Talk calls are delivered to your contact center in the same way as regular calls. Anywhere in the world.


Save costs while volumes increase

The mobile surcharge costs at least 15 cents per minute in many countries. When the volume increases, your costs normally go up as well. With Talk you no longer have to worry about this. Your volume can increase, while your costs decrease. One of our customers experienced a volume increase of 20% when they started using Talk, but costs decreased by 20% at the same time. That’s because with Talk the mobile surcharge doesn’t apply and the price per minute is lower as well.


Better customer experience

Talk is also easy for the caller. They simply start a call with the click of a button. Directly from your website, newsletter, app, etc. Looking up and dialing a number is no longer necessary. During wait time, they continue browsing or view the content you have prepared for them. They no longer receive an email with your survey a few days later, but it’s immediately displayed when the conversation ends. And who doesn’t love a special offer after a call?


Fast and easy

Talk is quick and easy to set up. After your request, the Talk button can be published on your website within a day. You don’t need any additional software or implementation. Your agents won’t know the difference between a call delivered via the telephone network or the internet. This makes it easy to quickly experience how Talk works and what it has to offer.

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