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The customer service voice channel is key to create people-based experiences and loyal customers. We optimize telephone contacts in the customer journeys of brands. Carrier and communication platform-independent. Providing one point of contact for all your customer service voice channel needs.

How we help

Global service numbers

Easily get the right type of customer service number when entering new countries or launching new brands; whether it’s geographical, toll-free, UIFN, shared cost or premium. And never have to worry about compliance and accessibility again.

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Intelligent call routing

Bypass local telecoms networks via high capacity data lines for unimpeded delivery and set up any type of routing to your worldwide contact centers. Or make real-time automated weighted distribution of calls across outsourced sites based on capacity without human interaction.

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Online Portal Gearbox

Get 24/7 insight on all your customer service numbers and calls. Be able to change routing plans on the go, play prerecorded messages when necessary and easily compile call data reports to enable better forecasting.

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Self Service Call Routing Portal Gearbox


Enable your customers to set up live voice calls with your agents without dialing a phone number or even using a phone. Simply click to call from any device. And effortlessly gather valuable feedback from the customer’s experience.

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Talk, click to call

How to start

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Free advisory call

If our products sound like a good fit, let's start with a free advisory call either by phone, digitally or in person so you can tell us all about your current situation and what you would like to improve.

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Analysis and demo

We'll make an analysis and advise you of possible improvements, both operational and financial. And if appropriate show you a demo. If we don't think we can help, we'll be completely honest about that too.

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Ready to work together?

If you're ready for the real deal, we'll send you a quote and inform you of the next steps to take. Our customer service colleagues will be with you every step of the way and answer every question you can think of.

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Go live

Going live means getting access to 24/7 call management, stats, and analytics in our online portal Gearbox. The more numbers that run through our platform, the more insight you will get. And the more you can easily manage yourself.

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24/7 aftercare

From now on you will have one point of contact for absolutely everything; new numbers, routing changes, invoices, reports, you name it. Plus you get 24/7 customer support and proactive monitoring of all active services.

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Just so you know; it is irrelevant which carrier you work with, what kind of infrastructure you have and how your numbers are terminated. Our services are always compatible.