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Conversational & CX

Customer service interactions generate a lot of data. Regardless of which channel they take place in. Our conversational & CX solutions give you more insight and help improve the efficiency of your interactions.

Conversational AI

Reduce your costs and increase the customer experience with smart conversational AI solutions like Vidaoo, Seamly app, Talk, Voice AI and IVR. Use automation without losing the human touch.

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Analytics and dashboards

24/7 insight into your customer contact interactions’ data. That’s what our My Sound of Data Portal provides. Easy to use, wherever and whenever you want. With all the data you need to make your interactions as customer-friendly and efficient as possible.

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Conversational IVR

These new IVRs are based on conversational AI. Conversational AI is used in techniques such as speech-to-text routing, chatbots (speech-to-text and text-to-speech) and authentication via speech instead of keystrokes.

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Turn customer service telephony into a modern online channel and integrate it into the online journey. Callers no longer have to leave your website to make a call which means you can track the entire journey.

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Video chat with Vidaoo

Are you to take personal customer service to the next level? Get ready for video chat. This customer service channel is even more personal than telephony and positively influences many important customer service metrics.

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Do you want to help your customers faster and relieve the burden on your customer service employees? With’s chatbots you get a solution that is time-saving, efficient and customer-friendly.

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