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SIP trunks

Want to save costs on your monthly phone bills? Set up more reliable voice connections? Be much more flexible when it comes to scaling up internationally? SIP trunks do just that and more.

what's a sip trunk

SIP trunks

What is it?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. It’s used to set up voice connections with VoIP telephony. A SIP trunk allows you to route voice calls via an internet connection, both in- and outbound. It’s a bridge between a traditional phone line (PSTN) and VoIP. The word trunk makes it sound like it’s an actual device delivered in a box, but it’s not. It’s merely a set of common and widely used internet protocols. And it comes with a lot of advantages.

SIP trunks

Why use it?

The most well-known benefit of using SIP trunks is the cost savings potential. If you’re still calling via traditional phone lines, switching to VoIP can save a lot of money. Especially with high volumes of long-distance or international calls. Like routing calls to contact centers in different parts of the world. But they come with many more interesting advantages. And all it takes is sufficient internet bandwidth to make it work effectively.

why use sip trunks
Advantages SIP trunking

What's more

No costly investments

You don't need any costly hardware to set up SIP trunks. All it takes is connecting your current voice network to the internet.

Maximum reliability

Calls run via our stable and highly secure platform, in a redundant set up in multiple data centers which are monitored 24/7.

Increased quality and security

Significantly increase the quality and security of your calls by setting up a dedicated data connection.

Increased scalability and mobility

SIP trunks can easily be scaled up and down around the globe. As well as setting up and connecting new geographic locations.

Always compatible

No need to make changes to your current platform and infrastructure. All your current hardware is compatible.

Easy management

Adjusting routing, end-points, the number of phone lines is easy as pie with SIP trunks.

SIP trunks

Ready for the future

Modern technology moves fast. Installing SIP trunks will make sure you’re set up for the future. You will save costs and can scale up internationally much easier and faster. Any global customer service number can be connected and calls delivered wherever you like. Are you ready for it?

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