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My Sound of Data portal

24/7 insight into your customer contact interactions’ data. That's what our My Sound of Data Portal provides. Easy to use, wherever and whenever you want. With all the data you need to make your interactions as customer-friendly and efficient as possible.

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Fully customizable dashboards for maximum insight

Our My Sound of Data portal compiles the data from all your service numbers and turns them into insightful dashboards. The dashboards can be customized to show the data you’re most eager to see, such as:

  • top originating countries
  • number of calls per service
  • most popular time of day
  • days with most calls
  • inbound originating number types
  • answer seizure ratio per day and more


It's all about the numbers

Get a clear and complete overview of your customer service numbers statistics. Set up filters to see the number of:

  • calls per hour, day, week, month and year
  • from fixed and from mobiles lines
  • per active service
  • per customer service number
  • both inbound and outbound (if active)

And export these numbers for further use in other software programs.

Statistics Gearbox
Routing Plans Gearbox

Routing plans

Take maximum control of your routing plans

Online self-service for everything related to your customer service number routing plans:

  • manage active routing plans per number
  • manage destination numbers
  • set up new routing plans
  • switch on/off or plan prerecorded announcements
  • change opening times
  • change number of callers on hold
My Sound of Data portal
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What's more

More insight

The more customer service numbers we manage, the more insight the portal gives you when it comes to call data.

Single source

No more creating overviews with data from different sources. It's all there in one place and can easily be exported for further insight. 

Access Management

Create accounts with different levels of access for managers, supervisors, and agents, even if it's just for one service number or country.


Make any changes necessary without asking your IT department or help from us. And if it gets too complicated, we'll gladly assist.

Always compatible

The portal is always compatible with your infrastructure and contact center software.

Also on mobile

Get the same features and possibilities when accessing the portal from your mobile phone.

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