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Events - September 1, 2020

WEBINAR: How to manage Black Friday call spikes like a boss

Black Friday, the time of year that's guaranteed to cause call spikes in your contact centers, just like Christmas. How can you make sure your customer service isn't overwhelmed with calls and turn this period into a success?

More sales, more calls

The better the offers, the more sales you make. But more sales inevitably lead to more calls of customers asking questions, complaining, or wanting to return or exchange their product. When they call, you want to make them feel welcomed and not keep them waiting too long, right? Many of these calls can be first-time customers you definitely want to convert into recurring customers and fans. This is your opportunity to make a lasting impression.

Be prepared

Black Friday call spikes are stressful times for customer services. To make sure you and your customer service colleagues turn this overwhelming inflow into a success you will need to be prepared. That’s half the battle won. Of course, you can build on your past experience but it’s hard to come up with solutions you’re not aware of.

Discover our top 5 steps to make sure you can handle these Black Friday call spikes like a boss.

For who

For who

This webinar is for everyone who’s responsible for managing customer service KPI’s and who wants to their utmost to outperform these KPI’s. Such as customer service & support (team) managers/directors, contact center managers, channel managers.

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Webinar How to handle Black Friday call spikes like a boss

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