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Events - June 23, 2020

WEBINAR: How to handle more calls with less agents

How can you manage an increase in incoming phone calls when you have less available customer service agents? Register for our free webinar and find out!

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Are you prepared?

Some situations you can prepare for, like seasonal peaks and special events like Black Friday and Valentine’s Day. Others are harder, like unexpected negative publicity or a pandemic like COVID-19. The impact of such events can be much bigger than most of us can imagine. Let alone prepare for.

Unprecedented peaks

These past months industries such as travel, leisure, and retail have experienced unprecedented peaks in incoming customer service calls. Due to strict regulations, flights, holidays, and events were canceled, and shops temporarily closed. Combined with the challenge of having more agents working from home or a higher percentage of sick leave.

How can you handle these peaks?

Register and find out

In this webinar you will learn about routing solutions that will help you:

  • Make faster changes in the distribution of customer service calls between different contact centers
  • Automate changes in the distribution of calls based on customizable KPI’s
  • Manage the worldwide flow of customer service calls with the touch of a button
  • Leave no call unanswered, even when your queues are fully loaded

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