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Why use premium numbers for customer support

You’ve probably come across them sometimes; companies that use premium numbers for customer support. Meaning that callers pay (part of) the costs.

premium numbers customer service

Sales-oriented support

This type of number is often used for more sales-oriented support such as ticketing and travel. In those industries, customers also have the free option to buy tickets or book a holiday via the website. Other uses include tech support, information services (such as weather forecasts and directory inquiries), psychic hotlines, entertainment, charities, (adult) chat services and even diplomatic embassies.

Telephone support is expensive

Many companies still feel that the telephone is the most expensive way to provide customer support. After all, you need people, telephones, telephone numbers and contact center software just to name a few. Also, an agent can only talk to one customer at a time instead of having multiple conversations via social media or chat. Premium numbers provide an opportunity to earn back part of the costs. And, depending on rates and volume, maybe even generate revenue.

What are the main benefits?

Premium numbers have many benefits in common with other non-geographic numbers. But of course, there are some differences because of the rates involved.

Unique benefits:

  • You do not have to cover all the telephone costs yourself. Depending on the rate you choose, you can even generate income by using premium numbers
  • You can decide upon the rate yourself and whether you want callers to pay per minute or per call (depending on national legislation)

Similar benefits

  • You can choose your own number (depending on availability)
  • Premium numbers create a feeling of a nationwide presence
  • Calls can be delivered anywhere. Both national and international, and on any kind of infrastructure
  • They often tend to look more simple than geographic numbers, making them easier to remember. You can even choose vanity numbers if that suits your type of business. This means numbers spell out to a term relating to your business
  • They can be supported by all kinds of additional services. Like IVR’s, complex routing (both national and international), spike overflow and extensive call statistics

Not compliant

An important thing to make note of; premium numbers are not always allowed for customer service. For example, in Europe, there are strict regulations regarding numbers used for customer service. If a customer has bought your product or service, they have bought access to telephone customer service. Meaning the numbers to call should either be free or have a local calling rate.

Is premium the right type of number for you or is another option better suited? If you’re not sure, get in touch so we can help you choose the right type of number. Anywhere in the world.

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