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Compliance as a service

Compliance is not everyone’s favorite topic (unless you work in legal) but an increasingly important one. It’s tricky and time-consuming to stay on top of everything. One of the areas that is constantly evolving is the regulatory landscape for communication services like telecom. This has led to stricter regulations over the past years, especially in Europe. How does that affect you?

Compliance as a service

Use the right range and rate

You can use different types of numbers for customer service like geographic, national, toll-free, and UIFN. These types of numbers don’t have the same name in every country, let alone the same number range. And to make it even harder, the ranges sometimes change as well. Also, the consumer call rates allowed for a certain type of number vary. Consumers should have access to a free to call (or geographic) customer service telephone number in many countries. Premium numbers are only allowed for other types of services. If you’re using several types of numbers around the world, it’s important to stay on top of the changing regulations. Or have a supplier who takes care of that for you.

End user verification

Something that’s becoming almost a standard requirement for using telephone numbers in any country is end-user verification. This means you’re required to provide business registration proof, address proof within that specific country (or region if you use a geographic number), and ID proof of an authorized person of business within that country. Without those documents, you can no longer acquire and use a certain type of telephone number in the countries where these regulations apply.

Local presence

Regulations such as these can make it harder to use local numbers in the countries you’re active in. Not every brand or company has a local office/store or representative in each country. That’s why we handle such changes with the utmost care for our customers. We make sure they are informed as soon as possible and provide clear instructions so their numbers will remain active and compliant.

Reseller registration

Another thing that’s increasingly applicable is reseller registration. This means that we, as reseller, are required to register in many countries as notified operator. Which often means a lot of paperwork as well as annual fees in some countries. Of course, we act as required because we want to be compliant as well.

Compliance as a service

Making sure you are compliant is part of our service. So, if you’re a Sound of Data customer, you can rest assured that your numbers are compliant.

If you’re not a customer and wonder whether your numbers are compliant, feel free to contact us. We’ll gladly look into it for you.

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