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INGO and Xenialab announce new partnership with Netherlands-based Sound of Data

INGO and Xenialab today announce a new distribution partnership with Netherlands-based Sound of Data, strengthening the current product and service offering to customers in the Dutch and Belgian markets. Sound of Data, based in Rotterdam, are the voice channel experts for customer service that guide businesses through the adaptation of voice and integrated communications technologies. The company will be an official distributor of Xenialab’s XCALLY Motion product, an innovative omnichannel solution to engage customers via voice, chat, email, SMS, fax and custom channels – all in one integrated platform.

xcally motion omnichannel customer contact platform

Across the globe, Xenialab provides companies with products that improve the management of business contact centres and strengthen the overall customer journey. Xenialab is part of INGO, a group of companies that provide consultancy services and support businesses in building relationships with their customers through an organized, agile and flexible customer experience and omnichannel services.

XCALLY Motion is among one of the world’s leading omnichannel platforms and is currently installed in over 60 countries. The product supports businesses with a simple-to-use technology and set-up, allowing product users to work seamlessly with the technology and keep their core focus on customer satisfaction.

XCALLY Motion provides a trusted omnichannel solution for the businesses we work with to better reach their customers across all communications touchpoints”, said Jos van Loo, CEO at Sound of Data, “We’re thrilled to add the product to our offering and engage in this partnership with Xenialab, using our established in-market position to bring localized support and resources for XCALLY Motion and Xenialab services to the Dutch market”.

Sound of Data will also onboard and distribute two other key products from Xenialab: Vidaoo, the WebRTC video conferencing to enhance contact center and business collaboration services, and Witiop, the all-in-one cloud solution to manage instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp.

Sound of Data brings remarkable expertise in the management of customer contact centres to our partner roster in the Netherlands,” said Diego Gosmar, VP International Operations, Xenialab and INGO. “The partnership with Sound of Data is a key step for us to continually provide exceptional support and local language resources for the adoption and use of XCALLY Motion, especially as we look ahead to expanding our product offerings and services further into the Dutch market.”

Sound of Data is already XCA certified on XCALLY setup overview and fundamentals and will be XCP certified, following a course on the advanced modules and configurations of XCALLY Motion, in the coming months.

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