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Cruise Control

When you have outsourced (part of) your customer service, you often run into some challenges. How can you make sure incoming calls are most efficiently distributed across the different contact centers? And how do you stay on top of the defined KPI’s?

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Cruise Control

Real-time division of calls

Cruise Control is an API that seamlessly integrates with your outsourced contact center statistics. It enables both in-house and outsourced contact centers to continuously, and automatically provide specific KPI’s to our online portal Gearbox. Based on these KPI’s, Gearbox makes a real-time automated weighted distribution of incoming calls across sites based on call center capacity without human interaction. This way your incoming calls are dynamically distributed in the most effective way and the best performing contact center gets the most calls.

cruise control distribution of incoming calls

What's more

Dynamic adjustment

The algorithm-based calculation dynamically adjusts the inbound call flow over several destinations.

Better performance

Because of dynamic adjustment, the best performing contact center will get the most calls.

Optimize KPI

Having the most efficient division of calls helps optimize KPI’s like queue time and customer satisfaction.

Easy implementation

Cruise Control works via an API which is easily installed and implemented.

Live insight

No more waiting for reports, Gearbox gives you 24/7 insight into the performance of cruise control and the resulting call distribution.

Consolidated reports

Gearbox enables you to run consolidated reports of your overall inbound call flow over multiple service numbers or contact centers.

Cruise Control


The dynamic adjustment of inbound call flow distribution can be based on the KPI’s you value most, such as:

  • Total agents
  • Agents available
  • Average queue time
  • Conversion ratio
  • Exit/booking code
  • Or other custom KPI’s
cruise control api division of calls
cruise control insight division of calls

Cruise Control

More control and more insight

With Cruise Control you no longer have to manually stay on top of the calculation of inbound call division over destinations. The API has 24/7 insight into the agreed KPI’s and distributes calls accordingly. Your (outsourced) contact centers will never receive more calls than they can handle. This way you have more influence on achieving your KPI’s instead of being dependent on the contact centers’ service levels.

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