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Talk boosts (inbound) telemarketing

One of our clients is very active in the field of (inbound) telemarketing. Conversion from callers to paying customers is one of the most important KPIs. That is why they are always looking for innovative ways to attract new customers and increase engagement and conversion.

The challenge

This organization often uses a combination of email and telephony in their campaigns. In the promotional emails for example, people are asked to call the contact center to claim a certain prize or goodie. Until now, a toll free number  has always been used for this. Easy for the caller, because it is free. However, it also means that the organization pays all costs. Is there another way to do this?


The solution

This organization has been a customer of Sound of Data for many years and we’re frequently in touch. Because we know that they are always looking for innovative ways to improve engagement and conversion, we introduced our click-to-call solution Talk.


With Talk, customers call via the internet, directly from the browser. With the click of a button on a website, email, app, etc., a VoIP conversation is started. The calls are delivered to the contact center in the same way as regular calls. An ideal way to reduce the calling costs of a toll free number, for example.


“So far we are very happy with Talk. Our ultimate goal is to increase engagement and ultimately conversion and that’s already happening. Plus we’re also saving money on toll free costs!”

The result

A few months ago, the organization started a pilot of Talk in their email campaigns, with plenty of A/B tests being done. In one part of the mails, for example, only the toll free number is mentioned as a contact option and in the other part, recipients can also opt for the Talk button in addition to the toll free number. So far, this combination of possibilities has resulted in a higher influx of new people, thus a higher conversion.


The organization also tests how the Talk journey is visually most attractive to the caller when it comes to things like customer experience and branding. The Talk journey (which is also the queue) takes place completely online and therefore offers all kinds of extra marketing opportunities that are not available in a regular telephone conversation. If at the end of the pilot Talk turns out to be a success, the deployment will also be scaled up to the other brands of this organization.

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