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With Talk, your customers simply set up voice calls with customer service via a click-to-call button on your website, your app or newsletter. Without dialing a phone number because it uses an internet connection instead of the phone network. Are you ready to Talk?



Talk is based on WebRTC technology. It fits seamlessly into any (online) customer journey with a click-to-call button. Both you and your customers profit from lower costs as calls are routed over the internet. And as an added bonus for you, there is a lot more data to gather and analyze compared to a traditional phone call. All call stats and touchpoints during the customer journey are available in Gearbox for added insight and optimization.


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Why use Talk?

Smooth customer experience

Initiates fast and easy voice calls via click-to-call. Runs on any device and in any modern browser.

Reduce costs

Reduces service number routing costs, because the calls are routed over the internet.

Always compatible

The calls follow regular inbound call routing so it’s always compatible with your contact center software.

Facilitates international expansion

No more waiting for local customer service numbers when entering new countries. Just publish a click-to-call button on your website.

Embed voice online

Seamlessly embed the voice channel in an immersive online experience.

Easy integration

Simple to integrate into your online media and easily adapted to your corporate identity.


Retain online journey

Talk works on any device that is connected to the internet. Not just phones but also tablets and laptops/desktops. No more losing sight of customers as soon as they pick up the phone to call you. With Talk, customers stay in the online customer journey. Calls follow the regular inbound call flow no matter which contact center platform you’re on and/or software you use. Talk is always compatible and calls can be delivered anywhere in the world.

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Integrated feedback and redirects

During wait time you can display anything you want to keep your customers engaged. Like special offers, a video, or a discount. When the call ends, you can easily ask for feedback in a short survey. Or redirect the customer to your home page, thank-you page, or a special offer. None of which is possible or as effortless via a regular inbound call. Adding to a smooth customer experience that your customers will remember. And much higher conversation rates.


Branding & Customization

All Talk pages can be fully customized to match your branding. Think of items such as logo, background, brand colors, texts, you name it. It’s all possible. If you have multiple brands or audiences, you can use custom domains and aliases to customize the Talk-URL. The usage of aliases is visible in the reports.

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