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Turn customer service telephony into a modern online channel and integrate it into the online journey. Callers no longer have to leave your website to make a call which means you can track the entire journey.



Talk is the new click-to-call solution that integrates customer service calls in the online journey. Talk turns the traditional offline customer service voice channel into a modern online channel.

It helps determine the value of customer service and how it contributes to online conversion. And bridges the gap between customer service & E-commerce.

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Extend online journey

The call becomes part of the online journey and extends the time website visitors spend on your site.

Increase online conversion

Automatically redirect callers to a page of your choice after a successful customer service call and increase the chance of a conversion.

Boost engagement

Easily integrate a short survey into the journey. Ask callers to leave their feedback when the call ends.

More data and insights

The call is part of the online journey, so there's more data to analyze and more customer insights to gather.

Facilitate international expansion

When entering new countries, simply add a Talk button to the local website and you’re ready to receive calls.

Decrease costs

Talk helps you reduce costs in countries where you currently pay a mobile caller surplus on freephone numbers.

How to start

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Go to, choose your plan and sign up.

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Choose settings

Set up your free instance, and custom alias.

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Brand identity

Customize the Talk experience with your brand’s logo, wallpaper images, and colors.

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When your Talk page is ready, add the custom link to a button on your website.

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Your Talk button is ready for launch. Let those calls come in!

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Want to find out more about integrating customer service calls into the online journey and increase online engagement and conversion?

Go to and sign up or download the Talk Product Paper.

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