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Teamwork makes the dream work! It may sound cliche but it's very true when it comes to the team at Sound of Data. We've been working in telecom, technology, and customer experience for more than thirty years. With our smart telco solutions for customer service, we route 300 million interactions annually. The voice channel is key to create people-based experiences and loyal customers in an omnichannel world. It gives brands a voice and customers a listening ear.

Sound of Data Management Team June 2020

Management Team (f.l.t.r.): Jos van Loo (CEO), Bas Berkemeijer (Managing Partner), Pieter van Hoof (Managing Partner) and Thomas Hazelaar (Chief Technical Officer)

Voting Sound of Data


Did you know we’ve been in business since the early 1990s? Yes, that long! Way before mobile phones became mainstream and everyone was still calling from landlines. When you could still send a letter to customer service instead of sending an email, let alone contacting via social media.

We started off by providing all kinds of service lines (exact time, weather, alarms). And helped big Dutch television shows to streamline voting via telephone and to avoid phone network crashes because of the high volumes (Google ‘Henny Huisman-effect’).

As technology evolves

Since those days, technology has evolved massively and so have our services. Fast forward to today! We still have a big footprint in Dutch media but our main focus is to help large corporate brands, media companies, and charities optimize their customer contacts with a diverse range of voice channel solutions and consultancy. Both in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

We’re basically a super telecom company for customer service centers that arranges everything behind the scenes: from infrastructure to telephone numbers and from routing to overload solutions. Including a self-service online portal Gearbox to manage it all, including our latest innovation Talk.

Sound of Data voice channel expert
Sound of Data team

Our team

Automation will only take you so far. What makes it unique, is the team behind it and our passion for the customer service voice channel. In the thirty years that we’ve been in business, we’ve seen technology evolve. In today’s digital world, the telephone is still the only channel with a real human connection. We love innovation so we’ve made it our business to keep adding value to voice channel solutions.

We do our job first-time-right with maximum business impact. Overdelivering, no compromises. Always with a personal touch. And our customers highly appreciate it. Our recent customer satisfaction survey delivered a whopping NPS score of 86. #SODproud
We do it together. For you and your customers.

"At Ticketmaster we regularly experience incoming call overloads when popular concerts go on sale. With Sound of Data’s Overload Solutions, we can handle these peak calls ourselves even with 3,000 eager customers calling at the same time. No other supplier can offer such a reliable service so easily."

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Customer Story

"At Sonos, we strive to deliver the best customer experience in every way we can. Our Customer Care teams value greatly the Sound of Data services in helping us deliver that with inbound customer calls."

Sonos One speakers
Datacenter Sound of Data

Making sure

Always compliant

Your international customer service numbers are always compliant.

Flawless routing

Your incoming calls get straight through to the right contact center.

Full control

You are in full control of your inbound call flow and have 24/7 access to all your customer service number statistics and dashboards.

Always compatible

Our services are always compatible with your infrastructure and contact center software. It is our strength to be flexible and versatile.

No obstructions

You're not bothered by capacity and routing limitations caused by local telecoms infrastructure.

24/7 monitoring

Your numbers and routing are monitored 24/7 by our systems and expert staff.

Focus on what you do best

The incoming calls to your worldwide customer service numbers should be delivered on your destination numbers as quickly and efficiently as possible. With optimal routing. Crystal clear audio. Free of limitations or obstructions. With maximum insight. The latest customer service innovations. And with red-carpet customer service. That’s what we do best. Enabling customer service center success all over the world.

Can we roll out the red carpet for you?

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