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Omnichannel platform

Having trouble managing all your omnichannel customer service interactions in one place? With an omnichannel contact center platform, you can finally provide integrated support across various channels without hassle. In an effective, cloud-based and user-friendly platform.

Omnichannel Contact Center Platform

Mix phone and digital channels

Simplify omnichannel communication

You want to engage with customers and prospects on their favorite channels. And diversify your customer communications strategy by mixing phone and digital channels.

  • User-friendly and effective omnichannel contact center platforms help you simplify communication
  • Add as many channels as you need and smartly combine them
  • Phone, (social) messaging, live chat, bots, open channels. The list is endless

Browser based interface

Make it easy

An omnichannel contact center platform makes it easy for your agents to manage all interactions from various channels in one desk-top, browser-based interface.

  • View all customer information
  • keep track of the customer journey
  • and offer personalized experiences every single time
Omnichannel Contact Center Platform easy desk top browser based interface chat
xcally switch channels omnichannel customer service

switch channels

Switch channels during an interaction

Need to switch channels during an interaction? No problem, many omnichannel contact center platforms offer smooth experiences across all channels. In the interface agents easily switch from one channel to another and keep the conversation going. With all customer information at hand.

  • This speeds up processes
  • improves performance
  • and guarantees the continuity of your service

End result? Happier customers and increased conversion.

Monitor metrics and KPI's

Actionable insights and reports

All customer interactions are stored in one place and can be filtered by tag, status, account, date, agent. Allowing supervisors to easily keep track of all activities in real time and act dynamically on queues and workflows.

  • Access predefined reports by channel and functionality
  • build custom reports and analyze results with utmost ease.
  • create customized dashboards, monitor metrics and KPIs in real time to help you achieve goals
omnichannel platform dashboard insights
Omnichannel Contact Center Platform always fits easy integration

CRM and ticketing

Effortless integrations

Most omnichannel platforms have native integrations with CRM and ticketing tools such as Salesforce, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and many more. This way, all information is easily available, and customers can receive optimal service. Does integrating telephony, omnichannel software, and CRM sound like a headache? Not with our help. We’ll guide you through it so you can reap the benefits in no time.

increase customer satisfaction

Automate with bots

Want to automate conversations and increase customer satisfaction? Use integrations with bots like Amazon Lex and Google Dialogflow. With the use of AI, you can generate bots that satisfy customer requests by interpreting their intentions. Taking the weight of your agents so they can focus on more complex and urgent questions.

Omnichannel Contact Center Platform automate with bots ai
omnichannel platform consultancy


Make the right choice

Has your current contact center platform reached its limits, or is it time to switch to omnichannel customer service? Choosing an omnichannel contact center platform, can be a daunting task. With so many options, how do you find the best fit? Let us be your guide in the world of communication platforms and help you figure out which one is appropriate for your needs. We’re proud partners of XCALLY Motion and 3CX but we will just as well recommend another platform if that’s better suited.

omnichannel social media digital channels

What’s more

IVR designer

Create IVR flows on your own with the easy-to-use visual builder and drag & drop function.

Triggers & automations

Automate repetitive tasks and processes based on predefined actions and timelines.

Scripting tool

Compose scripts to support agents with a series of questions and responses, based on the flow of the conversation with customer.

Speech technology

Use Automatic Speech Recognition and Amazon AWS tools to create transcripts of calls and to get customer sentiment analyses.

API Open Channel

Add all communication channels you want to use with your customers with the Open Channel interface.

Automatic dialer

Choose the dialer method (predictive, progressive, power, preview) and automate outbound campaigns.

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