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Video chat with Vidaoo

Are you to take personal customer service to the next level? Get ready for video chat. This customer service channel is even more personal than telephony and positively influences many important customer service metrics.

Increase conversion

Personal and interactive

People do business with people. That’s the main reason why the telephone is still such a popular channel. But video chat is even more personal and interactive than the telephone. It allows customer service agents to see non-verbal communication and act upon it. This personal connection increases conversion.

improve metrics

Solves issues faster

Video chat is a great tool for solving technical, complicated, or urgent issues. Agents and callers can share screens and go through steps or documents together. Got a technical problem? With video chat, the caller can show the agent what’s going on at their home or office. This helps solve issues faster and has a positive influence on KPI’s like first call resolution, call handling time and average resolution time.

versatile tool

Many use cases

Video chat has been in use for a few years in health care. It works great for financial and technical issues and customer onboarding because of the personal interaction and the ability to share screens. It’s also a great tool for re-creating an in-store experience and assist customers with choosing and matching outfits or presenting luxury goods in a more personal way.

Easy to implement

Integrate in omnichannel mix

Video chat is a stand-alone tool that’s easy to implement. All you need besides the regular tools is a camera and a solution like Vidaoo. It can easily be integrated with many omnichannel contact center platforms like Xcally, 3CX, and many more. This makes it easier to add the channel to your mix. Agents have all the necessary information at hand and can easily switch channels during an interaction. This decreases the need to escalate or transfer a call and helps solves issues faster.

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