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Conversational IVR

These new IVRs are based on conversational AI. Conversational AI is used in techniques such as speech-to-text routing, chatbots (speech-to-text and text-to-speech) and authentication via speech instead of keystrokes.


This works with any telephony/customer service platform, requires no software modifications and is often up and running within days to a few weeks. Especially if a chatbot solution is already in place, that bot can be re-used to provide the answers.

Sentiment analysis

You create journeys for matters that do not necessarily have to be handled by agents based on data from interactions. For example, the bot requests certain information via speech-to-text and text-to-speech technology or takes care of certain questions independently. With sentiment analysis – analyzing spoken text, tone and silences – you teach the chatbot when it is time to transfer to an agent.

Manage wait time and prevent peaks

Voice and chatbots serve multiple customers at the same time, reducing waiting time. You can easily set a maximum wait time and automatically offer your customers the option to be called back later or refer them to a web page with relevant information via SMS, for example.

Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction

These techniques save agents time and make their work more varied. Bots independently handle the simple and repetitive tasks and request the necessary information for the agents. Customers are assisted faster because bots handle various questions independently in a personal way. This reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction.

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