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WhatsApp and text messaging

Do you want to easily maintain contact and quickly inform your customers about something? WhatsApp and text messaging (SMS) are messaging channels that work quickly and efficiently.


Who doesn’t use it? WhatsApp is the number one messaging channel in many European countries. As a result, customers increasingly prefer to communicate with companies via WhatsApp. That’s why it’s a popular alternative to web chat and Facebook Messenger.


Benefits WhatsApp

With WhatsApp, your agents can handle different chats at the same time. With useful features such as pre-written answers and chat history, they respond quickly and efficiently to customer questions. In addition, WhatsApp offers advanced reporting and analysis features. This leads to:

  • Shortened response time
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved operational efficiency


Easy to integrate

WhatsApp is easy to integrate with contact center solutions such as 3CX, XCALLY and Talkdesk. In addition, there is a BYOC solution for Freshdesk, Genesys and other platforms. And the service can also be integrated with back office processes via an API such as CPaaS. By investing in a WhatsApp integration now, your contact center is well positioned to benefit from future functionalities and extensions.

Text messaging

In many countries, the personal use of text messaging has declined. But in business, it is still alive and well. Makes sense, because text messaging enables you to reach your customers wherever they are, regardless of the time. With an open rate of over 98%, text messages are the most direct and immediate way to communicate with your target audience.

Simple and effective

Text messaging works simply and effectively. You can compose a message in no time and send it to thousands of customers at the same time. No hassle with complicated campaigns, with text messaging you communicate simply and directly with your (potential) customers.

Text messaging can be used quickly and easily for options such as:



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Informing customers

Informing customers in the event of delays, disruptions and emergencies

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Informing overload

Informing customers when contact centers are busy (drive 2 web)

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FAQ info

Informing customers with specific FAQ info (drive 2 web)

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Account activation / 2 factor authentication

The costs are low and the service is easy to manage and adapt. And with our My Sound of Data portal, you often arrange this yourself.


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