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Media interactive

Use telephone and text messaging on live TV and radio for mass voting, enter to win, and charity donations. Our multi-channel interaction platform easily processes millions of interactions during a live broadcast, so you can be sure of reliable results.

live television


Track incoming votes for live television and radio shows via phone, SMS, or web and see real-time results in our online media portal. This portal gives you full control and maximum insight. Renowned formats like The voice of Holland depend on our technology and expertise to ensure that voting is processed adequately and correctly.

Increase engagement

Enter to win

Use enter to win to engage your live television audience. Every nth participant can win a price and participants can enter via phone and text messaging. Special connections with carriers effortlessly handle high loads of incoming calls and text messages. And default call flows can be adjusted to meet your campaign’s requirements.

Media interactive Enter to win



Activate your live television and/or radio audience to support your charity with a one-off or monthly donation. Our platform takes care of efficient distribution to active call centers during the show. As soon as the number of callers exceeds the limit, callers can leave their phone number to be called back later. Giving you a maximum return from a fund-raising evening.


Media interactive add-on services

Rely on our knowledge and expertise when it comes to program-format design, application engineering, timeslot optimization, and tone-of-voice adjustment. You can use our on-site and/or remote support during live shows, as well as technical monitoring and open line and carrier management.

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Live TV

What's more

Omnichannel feeds

Track incoming votes via voice, SMS or web and see real-time results in our online media portal.

Flexible functionality

Customizable to your needs with features such as custom audio files, maximum votes and last vote counts.

Revenue generator

Generate a valuable revenue stream by applying premium rates for the voice and SMS channel.


Return a call-to-action for the voice and SMS channel to effectuate the user experience and enable cross-selling.

High availability

Special connections with carriers take care of high loads of incoming calls and text messages.

Management portal

Campaign managers are fully in control during a show thanks to the online management portal.

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