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Toll-free numbers

Toll-free numbers are also known as freephone numbers. They are the only customer service numbers that are completely free to call for your customers from both fixed and mobile lines. It doesn't get more customer-friendly than that!

tollfree freephone numbers

Toll-free numbers


If you want to make it as easy and as cheap as possible for customers to call you, toll-free is the way to go. It lets your customers know that you value their call because you pay for the costs of the call. Everyone knows they are free to call because they start with a well-known range (x800). These characteristics create a feeling of being trustworthy and professional. And since customers can call for free, tollfree numbers are always compliant with local legislation.

tollfree freephone customer service

What's more


They create a sense of being trustworthy and professional because everyone knows this number range and that they are free to call.

Easy handling

They are very easy to set up and easy to port. Calls can be delivered worldwide on any platform and any kind of infrastructure.

Nation-wide presence

They give a feeling of nation-wide presence because they are not tied to a specific location.

Preferred number

Customers prefer calling freephone numbers to any other type of number because they know it's free.

Always compliant

These numbers have no legal restrictions and are always allowed for customer service.

Short numbers

Toll-free numbers look simpler than geographic numbers, which makes them easier to remember. Even more so if your use short formats (x800-xxxx).

Toll-free numbers


Toll-free numbers usually can’t be called from abroad so they are very much intended for national use. If you often have callers from abroad, you can provide an extra geographic number for them. And if your statistics show that callers originate from a specific country, it might be even better to provide a toll-free number in that country as well. Customers hate calling abroad because it looks expensive.

tollfree numbers customer service
tollfree freephone number customer service

Toll-free numbers

Keep in mind

Because you pay for all the calling costs, these numbers are more expensive than geographic and/or national numbers. Even more so in countries where a mobile surcharge is applicable. But on the bright side, this can play a part in lifting your brand image. Customers prefer calling freephone numbers to any other type of number. If customer satisfaction is something that’s very important for your company, you know what number to choose.

PS. Toll-free numbers are ideal to combine with Talk, especially on mobile.

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