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Geographic numbers

Everyone recognizes geographic numbers; they look familiar, trustworthy and have no limitations when it comes to accessibility. They give the feeling of local presence. If you pick a number from a big city, customers will very likely think you’re based there as well.

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Geographic numbers


Geographic numbers are generally cheap to call as customers only pay local calling costs. There are no limitations when it comes to accessibility and they can even be called from abroad.

These days the numbers aren’t really tied to a geographic location anymore so calls can be routed to other locations. Technically calls can also be routed and answered abroad but this isn’t always allowed so mind local legislation when considering this option.

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Customers have no misconceptions about calling local numbers as they are easily recognized.

Easily called

Because these numbers are so familiar, customers easily call them.

Always compliant

Geographic numbers are always compliant with national legislation, worldwide.

Easy to reach

These numbers can be called from fixed and mobile lines and even from abroad.

Low costs

Local customers only pay the local (cost) tariff to call these numbers.


In most countries these numbers are no longer tied to a specific area, meaning they can also be routed to other destinations.

Geographic numbers


If you’re looking for a number that’s easy to remember and use in campaigns, you’re better off using a different type of number. Geographic numbers generally look less attractive and are harder to remember as there are no short number options.

This number also isn’t suitable if you want to create a feeling of national presence and not appear local. In that case, non-geographic numbers are likely to be a better fit.

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