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Customer stories - November 2, 2017

Improving international accessibility for Mosa

Royal Mosa BV (Mosa), a Dutch tile manufacturer, has selected Sound of Data to make its international contact center more easily accessible to customers in all of the 30 different countries it serves.

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Local presence

With an extensively international customer base, it is important for Mosa to give the impression of having a local presence in each of their territories. Sound of Data is now achieving this by enabling calls routed to and from Mosa’s Maastricht contact center to have the relevant geographic numbers. This reduces the price customers pay to call Mosa, limiting it to their national or local rate. In parallel, outbound international calls from the contact center are also assigned with the geographic number of the country being called, thereby also strengthening that all-important local perception.

Sound of Data’s voice platform is linked to Mosa’s IP environment through a private Internet connection, including a failover via PSTN.

RFP partnership

Sound of Data was selected following an RFP put to the market in November 2016 by Mosa in consultation with Innervate, the primary IT advisor to the Netherlands’ business market. Innervate is still involved as a project leader for the implementation.

“After a thorough selection process, Mosa and Innervate have jointly chosen to work with Sound of Data. They distinguished themselves from the other candidates through their proactive attitude and pragmatic approach.” – Arno Badart, consultant at Innervate.

Short communication lines

Sound of Data’s approach to the process was highly appreciated by Mosa. “Right from the start, the dialogue with Sound of Data was smooth and pleasant. The short lines of communication and the commitment from those directly involved certainly contributed to this. Fast delivery and short implementation times were key to us because of a pressing accessibility issue in France, among other things. This was solved by Sound of Data during the run of our correspondence, which made our decision a quick one.” – Peggy van den Heuvel, Assistant Facilities Manager and International Voice Services Project Leader at Mosa.

Peter van Hoorne, Facilities Manager at Mosa is responsible for this project on the client-side.

Multiyear cooperation

At Sound of Data, we are delighted with the belief Mosa and Innervate have shown in us. “We are very pleased with this long-term cooperation.” – Bas Berkemeijer, Business Development Manager Sound of Data.

About Royal Mosa B.V.

Mosa is a Dutch tile manufacturer with more than 130 years’ experience constantly surprising customers with distinctive tile concepts for walls, floors, façades, and terraces. Every year, about six million square meters of tiles find their way from Mosa’s factories in Maastricht to 30 countries on four continents.

About Innervate

Innervate is the primary IT advisor to the business market, ensuring organizations are ready for the future through optimization, flexibility, mobilization, and innovation.

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