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National numbers

Looking for a customer service number with similar calling costs as geographic numbers but without a local appeal? Then national or business numbers could be the right fit for your business.

Business national numbers

National numbers


If you don’t want to pay for all calling costs (like you would with toll-free) and don’t want to come across as a local business, then this is your type of customer service number. National/business numbers aren’t tied to a specific location. Customers pay local calling costs and a mobile surcharge isn’t applicable. Calls are easily routed to other destinations, both national and international. They are easy to set up, the accessibility is good and they can be called from abroad.

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What's more

Cheap to call

Customers pay only local or regional calling costs which makes these numbers cheap to call.

No limitations

There are no limitations with regard to accessibility. They can be called from any line and even from abroad.

National appeal

These numbers have a national appeal as they aren't tied to a specific geographic location.

Easy set-up

National numbers are quick and easy to set up.

Calls delivered anywhere

Calls to these numbers can be delivered anywhere in the world and on any type of infrastructure.


Because these numbers are cheap to call, they are usually compliant with local legislation when it comes to customer service use.

Business numbers


The names and ranges vary per country. Names are usually similar to business numbers or national numbers. But in France, they are called Numéro Gris (Gray Number). Ranges often start with either 08 or 03 but it’s not a common rule.

Customers sometimes have trouble recognizing this type of number. And confusion can cause doubt about for example calling costs. This can make customers hesitant to call. What helps is to specify calling costs clearly wherever you publish the number. This way customers always know what to expect and you avoid misconceptions. Not sure what to publish? We’re happy to advise.


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National numbers

Keep in mind

Callers only pay a local or national rate, so the actual costs vary per country. That’s not the same as a free call. If you want to maximize the number of callers or avoid complaints about the costs of calling (especially if average call duration is long), toll-free numbers might be a better option. Or use Talk on your website or app for an even easier way to call customer service.

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