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5 fears that hold back customer service improvement

Ever come across options to improve customer service accessibility, profitability, and/or efficiency but decided against it because you were afraid of possible disruption or additional work? Well, you’re not the only one. But what if those fears are in fact unfounded and you miss out on things that could make your job a lot easier? In this article, we’ve lined up the 5 most common fears that get in the way of customer service improvements and what you’re missing out on because of those fears.

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Many different suppliers

The more products or services you sell, the more calls your (international) customer service receives and the more local customer service telephone numbers you require. Chances are, you get these numbers from various suppliers. But wouldn’t it make much more sense to have all your telephone numbers and routing hosted by one service provider? Imagine the time and money alone that you could save.

5 most common fears

Chances are you have come across options to improve customer service accessibility, profitability, and/or efficiency in the past but decided against it. Either because you were afraid of possible disruption or of expected additional work.

Which fears get in the way of possible customer service improvement, and why aren’t they a problem?

  1. You’re afraid you’ll have to make changes to your existing telecom infrastructure and/or call center software
    The good news is, you won’t have to. For services like ours, it is irrelevant what kind of infrastructure you have and how your numbers are terminated. Our services are always compatible and do not require changes.
  2. You’re afraid to change the set-up for how and where service numbers are terminated
    No need to worry. We can terminate your numbers any way you want. And probably in even better ways than your current supplier. Our online portal Gearbox allows you to change your termination numbers 24/7 (if you would want to), offers solutions such as follow the sun routing, split routing, overload routing, and more. When your call center is unexpectedly overloaded with calls, there are several ways to relieve the pressure and make sure nobody gets a busy tone.
  3. You’re afraid additional and improved service costs more money
    Sounds logical, if you get additional and better service, you pay more. But that’s generally not the case. Because of our very competitive volume-based pricing, there’s a big chance your telecom spend will go down when you switch your service numbers to us.
  4. You’re afraid of an overflow of administration
    The whole administrative handling of moving numbers seems so complicated that it’s something you want to avoid. However, this isn’t something you have to do yourself. We take care of all the administration. From that point on you only have one point of contact for absolutely everything. Questions, new numbers, invoices, statistics, changes, you name it.
  5. You’re afraid you’ll be just another anonymous customer
    As much as we love numbers, our customers are anything but. You don’t have to worry about us not wanting to get to know you. Be prepared for red-carpet service with dedicated sales and customer service & operations colleagues. They’ll be with you every step of the way. Not just during the on-boarding process but also when everything’s up and running.

What you’re missing out on

It makes sense, right? Having all your numbers managed in one place saves time and money, and significantly improves customer service efficiency and accessibility. But what exactly are you missing out on now?

  1. One point of contact for all your number or routing issues, changes, or new number requests
  2. More insight because of easy access to all international call data and routing set-ups in one online portal
  3. Improved management because of the self-service options in the online portal as well as easy overflow routing across borders and overload solutions
  4. Improved forecasting because of consolidated dashboards
  5. One invoice for all your telephone numbers and traffic

Are you getting excited yet?

There’s nothing to fear but fear itself!

We know change is a daunting thing. This is why we pay much attention to ensuring that switching to using us for your numbers and call management is painless and dare we even say, pleasurable, experience.

If you still have any doubts or reservations, we’ll happily discuss them with you. And if you’d like to know more about how possible customer service improvements, simply get in touch to schedule a 1:1 (online) call. What are you waiting for?

Editors note: this post was previously published on October 11, 2018, and has been completely updated for comprehensiveness and accuracy. 

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