Blog - October 11, 2018

Do fears hold back customer service improvement?

Change is inevitable if you want to keep moving forward. Improvement only comes through change. Nonetheless, many people have an instinctive preference for certainty and rather stick to what they have. Even though there are better opportunities or solutions at hand.

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Hesitant to switch

We’ve been active in the customer service business for over 25 years now and we find that the more people we talk to, the more we discover that there are still customer service managers out there, who are hesitant to switch to using us. Not because they don’t desire what we’re offering or aren’t confident in us to meet expectations. But because they are anxious about the possible disruption and of incurring additional costs.

A lot at stake

And we get that. Especially if your operation is active in many countries with all the different local customer service numbers to match, there’s a lot at stake. It’s completely understandable that you can’t take a risk of something going wrong, because correcting it could be extremely complex. We also appreciate you might be terrified of all the administration involved in switching.

Unfounded fears

But actually, these fears are unfounded. Surprising, we know! And we think it would be a terrible shame if you, and the customers you serve, are missing out on a better customer service experience just because of a fear of change.

Platform independent

So which sticking points could be coming between your contact center and a vastly improved service and why aren’t they an issue?

1. Disruption to existing telecom carrier infrastructure and call center software
People often have misconceptions about compatibility with services like ours. They are afraid they will have to change their current telecom carrier infrastructure and/or call center software. However, these issues are not applicable as for our services it is irrelevant which carrier you work with, what kind of infrastructure you have and how your numbers are terminated. Our services are always compatible and do not require changes.

2. Set-up for how and where service numbers are terminated
We can terminate your numbers any way you want. And we probably offer even better ways than your current supplier. Our online tool (aka Gearbox©) allows you to change the termination number 24/7 (if you would want to), but also offers solutions such as follow the sun routings, split routings, overload routings, and more. So, when your call center is unexpectedly overloaded with calls, we have several ways to relieve the pressure and make sure nobody gets a busy tone.

3. Additional and improved service always costs more money
Sounds logical, if you get additional and better service, then you will have to pay more as well. But that’s generally not the case. With our very competitive pricing, there’s a big chance your telecom spend will go down when you switch your service numbers to us.

4. An overflow of administration
We can imagine that the whole administrative handling of moving numbers seems so complicated that it’s something you want to avoid. However, this isn’t something you have to do yourself. We take care of all the administration. So, from that point on you’ll only have one point of contact for absolutely everything. Questions, new numbers, invoices, statistics, changes, you name it.

There’s nothing to fear but fear itself!

At Sound of Data, we know change is a daunting thing. This is why we pay as much attention to ensuring that switching to using us for your numbers and call management is a painless, and dare we even say, pleasurable, experience.

If you still have any doubts or reservations, we’ll be very glad to discuss them with you. And if you’d like to know more about how your business will improve and what the switching process will involve, we’re more than happy to hear from you about that too!