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Sound of Data and Freshworks create synergy through partnership

Creating a stronger customer service proposition by combining elements from each of their services. That is the starting point of the new partnership between Sound of Data and Freshworks. The services of Sound of Data tie in seamlessly with the Freshdesk Omnichannel Suite and provide added value in the field of international accessibility and the more efficient organization of voice channels.

Freshworks and Freshdesk

Freshworks  is a leading provider of modern SaaS solutions that solve multiple, complex business problems for companies of all sizes. Companies from over 120 countries around the world use Freshworks products, including Freshdesk; an omnichannel suite, providing a complete customer service solution.


Boost for ticketing

Freshdesk is known, among other things, for its clear ticketing tool. With this, customer service prioritizes, categorizes and assigns their tickets to the right customer service agent and uses the know-how of their entire company to impress their customers. By using Freshdesk, customer service agents are more productive and customer questions are answered faster.


Easy to integrate

This ticketing tool can be used separately, but Sound of Data can also integrate it with other omnichannel platforms. This way, customer service providers can leverage the various benefits of Freshdesk and boost their ticketing without having to switch platforms.


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Freshdesk & BYOC

The collaboration between Sound of Data and Freshdesk also provides added value in other areas. For example, the combination of Freshdesk with Sound of Data’s BYOC  (Bring Your Own Carrier) proposition comes with benefits such as cheaper calling, improved sound quality, improved accessibility at all destinations and the support of a Dutch team.


Freshdesk & conversational add-ons

The partnership also gives Freshdesk customers access to Sound of Data’s conversational add-ons . Thanks to these add-ons, customer service providers can organize their voice channels more efficiently for things like identification, deflection and initiation. Conversational AI makes (chat)bots smarter and more extensive. And by using contextual communication, you make the work of agents easier and more efficient.


“At Sound of Data, we are proud that we can provide even more value to our customers as well as add value to current and future Freshdesk customers through this partnership. We are therefore confident that this partnership will be a success”

Jos van Loo

CEO Sound of Data

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