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7 benefits of an omnichannel customer service platform

An omnichannel customer service platforms enables you to manage interactions from various channels in one place. Not a tool per channel as is the case with multichannel customer service, but one tool for all channels. And that provides a lot of benefits.

7 benefits of an omnichannel customer service platform

Multitude of channels

Customer service once started with personal service in a store and per telephone. Since then the numbers of channels has grown exponentially. E-mail, messaging, social media, live chat, chatbots, videochat. And who knows what’s next. Many customer service departments use various tools to manage the channels and interactions. Often because there weren’t any integrated tools available or they were very expensive.

Integrate channels

But that has changed over the years. These days you can choose from various omnichannel platforms  with difference price levels that enable you to manage all channels and interactions in one tools. And that comes with a lot of benefits:

1. Increased overview and insight

An omnichannel platform contains all data from all active channels. You no longer have to export data from various tools and integrate them to get a complete overview. You have more overview and insight because of the integrated reports and overviews per channel and functionality as well as access to customer reports and dashboards.

2. Save time

When working with an omnichannel platform, your agents no longer have to switch between tools to find the information they need. All data is available in one spot. This saves time and increases efficiency. It also enables agents to switch channels during an interaction. They can for example switch from live chat to a phone call which helps solve an issue faster.

3. Improve customer service KPI’s

It’s easier and faster for agents to assist customers because all customer- and order history is readily available. Especially when the platform is integrated with your CRM-software. This has a positive influence on important customer service KPI’s like wait time, customer satisfaction and first time resolution.

4. Save costs

An omnichannel platform may sound like a big investment, but it often saves money. You only need one tool to manage all your channels. This means you can get rid of the separate tools you’re currently using as well as software that used to compile and integrate data from the various sources. And being able to work more efficiently also saves money.

5. Easily add new channels

An omnichannel platform comes with a multitude of channels. That makes it easy to add new channels in the future. After all you don’t need another new tool because everything you need is available in the platform you’re working with.

6. Remote working

Most omnichannel platforms are cloud-based and work with an online portal. This enables agents to work from any location at any time, so it doesn’t matter where they are located. They all work the same way, with the same tools.

7. Easily scale up (internationally)

With an omnichannel platform you can easily scale up (internationally). The platforms are available in various languages. A new language is added in no time, so you can be reached in a new country fast. And is the number of agents growing? Just add new licenses and they are ready to go. Fast and easy.

Implement step by step

Switching to a new platform often sounds like a daunting task, but you don’t have to switch in one go. You can also implement an omnichannel platform step-by-step: per channel, product group, location or external integration. Gain experience and build on it. This way everyone can get used to the platform step by step, customers experience a continuous improvement and you increasingly benefit from the benefits. Without stress.

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