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Sound of Data x Talkdesk

We announced today a new partnership with Talkdesk®, Inc., a global cloud contact center leader for customer-obsessed companies, to provide contact center solutions that organizations can leverage to unlock the potential of delivering great customer experiences (CX).


Through this partnership, our customers will now have access to the full
suite of Talkdesk cloud contact center solutions, including the flagship
solution Talkdesk CX Cloud™. Combining enterprise performance at scale with
consumer simplicity, Talkdesk CX Cloud allows companies to easily adapt contact
center operations to the evolving needs of customers, customer service, and sales
teams, resulting in increased productivity, customer satisfaction, and cost savings.


“With over 30 years of experience in helping companies and brands with their international customer service telephony, we believe that telephony will remain a successful customer service channel for many years to come. But this shouldn’t be the only channel. Ideally companies use telephony for urgent and complicated matters, and other channels for issues that can be dealt with digitally, with or without the use of AI.”

Jos van Loo

CEO, Sound of Data

Power of AI

At the forefront of CX technology innovation, Talkdesk additionally infuses the power of AI into every element of its products and services. Among its recent innovations, Talkdesk introduced the industry’s first human-in-the-loop technology for contact centers. The company is also changing the CX game with the first purpose-built industry-specific products for contact centers.


“The customer experience is fast eclipsing the products and services that organizations provide to become the key driver in building brand trust and loyalty. Organizations are increasingly recognizing this and evolving their contact centers into a strategic resource for powering better customer experiences. Sound of Data is committed to helping businesses make that transformation and create better customer engagements with a Talkdesk solution best suited to their unique needs and CX goals.”

Stew Hale

regional vice president, resellers and channel, Talkdesk

The benefits of the partnership

“The Talkdesk cloud contact center solutions help companies to do just that. The solution includes several options to automate interactions like Text to Speech or chat, but companies can also choose to keep it personal whenever necessary. This way customer service interactions are efficient and relevant for both customer service agents and customers,” continued Jos Van Loo. “Our job is to assist companies in figuring out what works best for them, now and in the future. That’s where our experience with implementing customer contact platforms in different branches comes in.”

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