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Customer story - Easy Nuts

Easy Nuts is an innovative platform that helps people move within or to the Netherlands by connecting their utilities and various other services in and around the house. They do this both directly and through partners.

The challenge

Easy Nuts receives a stream of warm leads through their broker partners, from people who are moving soon and asking to arrange their energy, internet, water, mobile and insurance. These leads come in through their own platform and were previously stored in Zoho’s CRM package.


This system had a number of drawbacks: their consultants had to manually enter a lot of information and make manual calls. In addition, it was difficult for management to find recorded calls, create reports and measure the efficiency of the call team.


The solution

Serge and Menno of the Sound of Data team made an inventory of Easy Nuts’ wishes and drew up a plan. Following that, the decision was made to use customer contact platform Xcally to automate the calling out of leads. This has made calling much more efficient and Easy Nuts can run reports more easily. They can also optimize their processes and organize them more efficiently.


“Our collaboration with Sound of Data has been very positive and constructive. Their expertise and software have helped us optimize our processes and increase our efficiency. We are pleased to have taken this step and look forward to further collaborations with Sound of Data.”

Jeffrey Stoffels

General Manager


The result

Thanks to this implementation, leads will no longer be lost unprocessed. The dialer keeps track of which leads have been called and, based on predefined schedules, leads that did not respond to a call are called again later.


In the next phase, the automated feedback of the results from the dialer to the lead generator on the website will be improved. This way, questions from the market can be responded to even better and ultimately the routing of calls can, for example, be linked directly to the agent who previously spoke to a lead.

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