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How can your business benefit from Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)?

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) is the latest trend in telecom. It makes it easier for businesses to lower costs, increase control of your call traffic (both inbound and outbound), increase global coverage, and ensure uninterrupted VoIP quality. It’s beneficial for businesses of all sizes but especially interesting for larger companies who are looking for extra flexibility.

How can your business benefit from bring your own carrier - byoc

Maybe you’ve come across this yourself. You’ve purchased a cloud contact center solution like Genesys PureCloud or Freshdesk, but once it’s activated you run into limitations like the availability of customer service numbers. That’s where BYOC comes in. If your solution supports this, you can connect a SIP trunk to the cloud solution and benefit from using both worlds.

Advantages of SIP trunks

The advantages of using SIP trunks for inbound and outbound call traffic are numerous:

  • Calls can be terminated worldwide without restrictions. This means you’re no longer bound to local telecom restrictions
  • Lower costs. You only pay your solution provider for licensing and not for traffic costs. The SIP trunk provider charges lower call rates, especially on outbound traffic
  • SIP trunks can easily be scaled up and down. This increases flexibility. Also, because these aren’t time consuming projects. A new connection or SIP trunk can be up and running in a day
  • No more porting headaches. Because your numbers are not tied to your cloud contact center solution provider, you can easily switch to another cloud platform and keep the same numbers
  • Easily add new destinations. This supports international growth

Fully compatible

The implementation is easy, and it doesn’t matter which platform you’re on:

  • Cloud contact center solutions like Genesys PureCloud, Freshworks/Freshdesk (previously FreshCaller), etc.
  • Cloud PBX solutions like Twilio, Zoom, 3CX, etc.
  • Unified-Communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) like RingCentral, Mitel, Avaya, MS Teams, etc.

It’s all compatible. Simply contact your solution provider and let them know which numbers you wish to use through BYOC. After that it’s a matter of changing the settings for inbound and outbound calls which your carrier can provide you with and you’re good to go.

Some examples

Let’s go through how implementation works for both Genesys PureCloud and Fresdesk/Freshcaller as they are commonly used platforms.

Genesys PureCloud BYOC

Combining Genesys PureCloud with a Cloud-based carrier may be right for you if any of the following describe your telephony goals:

  • You want a cloud-only solution
  • You want to leverage your existing carrier relationship
  • You want to integrate with a third-party device, such as an IP-PBX
  • You are part of a multinational company, or you want to enable a global office

Steps to take for inbound and outbound:

  • Create a location
  • Create a site and assign SIP and media resources
  • Create an External Trunk for “Sound of Data”
  • Configure inbound and outbound routes on the External Trunk
  • Add and assign “Sound of Data” phone numbers to PureCloud users
  • Place test calls to check your setup

And voila, you’re good to go.

Freshdesk BYOC

As Freshdesk mentions on their website, it is useful to Bring Your Own Carrier when:

  • You wish to utilize the features of Freshdesk Contact Center without losing your carrier
  • Freshdesk Contact Center does not have numbers in the regions you operate in
  • Your existing number cannot be ported into Freshdesk Contact Center
  • Your local carrier provides better call rates
  • You have an existing contract with your local carrier

Steps to take for inbound:

  • Login to Freshdesk Contact Center (customer)
  • Create a ticket with the numbers you wish to use through BYOC. They will generate a SIP domain to identify each number.
  • Send us the SIP domain information
  • To complete the set-up, you need to provision the inbound numbers like a simple forward. We will provide you with the details
  • Do this for each number

That’s it.

Steps to take for outbound calls:

  • Login to Freshdesk Contact Center
  • Create a ticket stating that you want to use your own carrier for outbound dialing. Request to do it together with the carrier in a videocall. Reference Sound of Data as your carrier. We can provide you with an example of the ticket
  • Send us the SIP domain information
  • To complete the set-up, we need to identify the possible IP’s the calls are coming from
  • And go through a few next steps per number to properly authenticate the caller by the CLI in combination with the source IP address and used for further handling

You don’t have to figure this out yourself. We have it all written out.

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