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Advanced call distribution

Optimize the inbound call flows to your contact centers around the world with advanced call distribution. Combine routing plans so calls are distributed in the most effective way without the help of your IT department. Quick and easy.

Advanced Call Distribution

Maximize accessibility

If you’re handling large volumes of incoming calls, automatic call distribution (ACD) is a must. Even more so if you have multiple service numbers and contact centers around the world. And the higher the volumes, the more advanced you need call distribution to be. It will help you:

  • maximize the accessibility of your global contact centers
  • increase customer service efficiency and productivity
  • and improve customer experience

Advanced Call Distribution

Multiple routes

We help you work out the most effective way of distributing your customer service calls across the globe. Any time of day, based on the number of contact centers and customer service numbers.

Basically every type of routing you can think of is possible. Whether it’s weighted, calendar, skill-based, a combination. Other options include overload distribution, follow-the-sun routing, VIP routing, and complex IVR.

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What's more

Wide range of routing plans

Weighted, calendar, skill-based, and overload distribution, follow-the-sun routing, VIP routing, call back features. All that and more.

Always compatible

Our services are compatible with all contact center software solutions and infrastructure and require no changes.

Decrease costs

More efficient call distribution leads to shorter wait times, shorter call handling times and decreases calling costs.

24/7 access

Manage all your numbers, plans and metrics online in Gearbox, 24/7. Easy to modify whenever you want or ask us to do it for you.

High quality

Our network of the best tier 1 carriers ensures high uptimes and high call quality, worldwide.

Always included

24/7 call quality assurance, call monitoring, performance analytics, call queues and more.

Advanced Call Distribution


In order to route your calls, we will need to manage your service numbers. Which is something to be excited about, as it will save you a heap of hassle. And deliver benefits that greatly exceed what you get from a regular telecoms provider. Almost certainly at no extra cost. In fact, you’ll probably save money with us.

You’ll also get 24/7 access to your customer service numbers and corresponding routing plans with our intuitive online portal My Sound of Data portal. You won’t need your IT department to make changes, you can do it all yourself.

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