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How to keep your support numbers platform independent

It sounds so simple; you’ve decided which call center platform you’re going to use for your customer service. The vendor offers the possibility to supply support numbers as well. Only one point of contact for number and platform issues, easy does it. But what if after a couple of years, the current platform doesn’t work like magic anymore and you want to switch providers? Can you take your service numbers with you?

Keep your support numbers platform independent

Locked in

The answer is; very often you can’t. If you decide to move, you will need all new customer service numbers as well. Pretty much like a supplier lock-in. No problems on the horizon as long as you’re happy. But when things change and you need to make a switch, it will be hard. Especially if you’re active in a lot of different countries and/or have a lot of different brands each with their own numbers. Having to change them all is quite a hassle. To say the least.

There are other ways

Of course, your new vendor will likely offer the same service as part of their total package and provide new customer service numbers. However, that means you could run into the same problem again in the future. Here’s the thing, you don’t have to include your numbers in the package. You can also obtain support numbers from providers that are not tied to a specific platform, like us for example. They will get your numbers up and running, terminated wherever and however you want. The numbers will remain yours until you decide you want to change. It’s completely up to you.

Misconceptions about moving numbers

Quite often we come across a lot of misconceptions about moving service numbers to a provider such as ourselves. Like having to change your infrastructure or call center software. Or the way your numbers are terminated must be changed. But actually, that’s not the case. For services such as ours, it’s irrelevant which carrier you work with, what kind of infrastructure you have and how your numbers are terminated.

Platform independent

That’s right, it’s all completely platform-independent. Our services are always compatible and do not require changes. We probably offer even better (and dare we say cheaper) ways than your current supplier, because we are specialized in numbers and routing. So, if you want to explore the possibility of getting your numbers running elsewhere, get in touch. We will gladly advise you. And if we think you’re better off staying right where you are, we will tell you. No strings attached.

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