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Improve your customer contact with conversational AI

Customer service interactions yield a lot of data. Regardless of the channel they take place in. But what can you do with that (sound of) data? With the use of conversational AI, you can easily analyze these interactions and organize them more efficiently. This enables you to lower costs and increase the customer experience. How does that work?

What is conversational AI?

Contextual communication and conversational communication are based on conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence). Conversational AI enables companies to analyze the data from customer interactions and use it for improvements in customer contact and accessibility. You can make customer service more human and increase customer satisfaction with this technology.


Responding to customer needs

Conversational AI is increasingly being used in customer service, due to the growing need for contextual communication. The more information an agent has at hand before starting an interaction with a customer, the better he or she can respond to the customer’s needs. Information like items in the online shopping cart, the web page the customer is currently visiting and contact and order history are extremely helpful.


New techniques

Conversational AI is used in techniques such as speech-to-text routing, chatbots (speech-to-text and text-to-speech) and authentication via speech instead of keystrokes. Using the data, you can create journeys for matters that do not necessarily have to be handled by agents personally. Prior to the conversation, the bot can already acquire basic information via speech-to-text and text-to-speech technology. The agent can then engage directly with the caller on the question.


Control waiting time and prevent peaks

The smart use of such techniques helps manage waiting times and prevent telephone peaks. Voice and chatbots can serve multiple customers at the same time, reducing wait time. You can also set a maximum wait time and automatically offer customers to be called back later or refer to a web page with relevant information via SMS, for example.


Sentiment analysis

Is the customer unable to solve the matter with the bot and is the interaction escalating? With sentiment analysis – analyzing spoken text, tone and silences – you teach the chatbot when it is time to redirect the interaction to an agent. Agents immediately receive the information already discussed on their screen, so customers don’t have to repeat their story.


The added value of agents

These techniques save agents time and make their work more varied. They no longer have to worry about the simple and repetitive tasks. And they are of great added value, especially for questions that are urgent or complex or that require empathy. They can offer a listening ear. A possibility that needs to be further developed in bots.


Part of CPaaS and omnichannel platforms

Techniques such as conversational AI and contextual communication are standard in many omnichannel platforms or can easily be added by using CPaaS . These cloud-based platforms make it possible to easily combine communication channels and organize your processes more efficiently and effectively.


Making customer service more human

Conversational AI and contextual communication help you make customer service more human. Customers do not have to repeat their story 10 times, because agents have relevant information at hand. And they are assisted faster because bots handle various questions independently in a personal way. By using data and automation in this way, costs go down and customer satisfaction increases.


Wondering whether such an efficiency improvement is possible for your customer service? Get in touch with us and find out.

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