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Overload solutions

It can happen to the best of us, your customer contact center is overloaded with calls. Way more than anticipated. However well you plan for expected peaks, you can still get caught out by the numbers of calling customers. And even more so when a peak wasn't foreseen. What can you do about it?

Call overload

The more, the merrier

The first things that come to mind to handle call overloads are usually more agents and more lines. Or to outsource part of your customer service for special moments when call spikes are expected (hello Black Friday!). The more people you have to answer calls, the lower wait times and numbers will be. Sounds logical. But that won’t work in case of unexpected spikes. Plus what will you do with those extra lines in quieter times?


Back-up plan

When things get really busy, a simple IVR saying how many callers are waiting or what the average wait time is won’t do. You need a real back-up plan with overload solutions like:

  • reroute calls to other contact centers where it’s less busy
  • ask callers to leave their number and be called back later or receive a text message when it’s less busy
  • give certain callers a VIP-status so they can bypass the queue
  • enable customers to hang up but keep their place in the queue and be automatically reconnected when they’re next inline
back-up plan overload solutions
overload peak-time solutions what's more

What's more

Ease your worries

No more worrying about (un)expected spikes. This back-up plan provides the capacity and technology to ease any overload.

Always compatible

This cloud-based package is always compatible. It doesn't matter what platform or software you use or where you are in the world.

Smart automation

Set up the most ideal combination of solutions well in advance of any spikes. When the need arises, the system automatically implements your specified plan-of-action.

No more limitations

You'll no longer be bound to the limitations of local telecoms infrastructure. And your customers will get through faster, more reliably and with clearer sound.

Better division of workload

This back-up plan will help you disperse the workload to where and when you’re able to deal with it.

No more frustrated callers

It stops callers from getting frustrated with you and your brand and running off to your competitor.

peak-time solution be prepared

Be prepared

These solutions can be prepared in advance. The software can detect a call overload itself and automatically switch on. Or you can schedule a setting in Gearbox for a specific time and date when you expect a peak to occur. This way you no longer have to worry about handling (un)expected call overloads and can rest assured that your customers will not get a busy tone.


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