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Faster, modern, redesigned, more features, more integrated!

Faster, modern, redesigned, more features, more integrated!

With the new Sound of Data Portal, you will notice a big change. Gearbox is faster, modern and completely redesigned.

Best of all; there are more features available and more is integrated within the old portal named Gearbox. No need for separated tools and widgets to keep you going.

Central hub for all your services

The Sound of Data portal is your number one central hub for all your services. No separate tools and programs are needed. Gearbox can handle it all in one go. You can:

  • View real time the call that are coming in and from the past few days in the reporting section
  • View your regular phone numbers and your Talk-related numbers side-by-side
  • Adjust your trunk settings if needed
  • Keep track of Cruise Control settings
  • Go Omnichannel and integrate Xcally and 3CX in Gearbox for your call center

Handle more from your account

In the new portal, you can easily order a new number, check your history and keep track on your projects. But there is more. It is now also possible to:

  • Download invoices, CDR Data and more
  • Share reporting
  • Number porting
  • Add users with different rights and settings
  • Single sign on with Azure Ad Integration
  • Document management for KYC (Know Your Customer) processes

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