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Outbound contact center services

If your contact center handles outbound activities, you want these tasks to be executed as smoothly as possible. For customer service, sales, and finance-oriented activities. Using the latest technology helps you optimize your outbound operation and makes things easier for your agents and supervisors.

Outbound contact center activities

Outbound contact center services

Outbound call activities

Many contact centers use some form of outbound calling for customer service, sales and/or financial related activities. Think of activities like:

  • Customer service: proactive support, customer call backs, appointment setting, market research or surveys
  • Sales: telemarketing, tele sales, lead generation, fund-raising
  • Finance: collections

Outbound contact center services

Customer service

Enabling your agents to make outbound calls helps reduce costs and manage high call volumes. It improves metrics like customer satisfaction and customer experience. We can help you integrate customer service and office telephony so agents can easily reach out to other departments, shops, or other locations.


outbound customer service
outbound contact center sales and finance activities

Outbound contact center services

Sales and finance

If your focus is on making and collecting money, optimization is key. Use our automatic dialers to simplify tasks. And integrate telephony with your CRM, so agents have the caller’s data at hand as soon as the call is connected. At times you may also want to schedule callbacks to make the best use of your agents’ time. This can all be planned in advance based on your occupancy.

Outbound contact center services

Reports & analytics

Your supervisors and management need overview of and insight into your department’s outbound activities. Our self-service portal Gearbox provides a number of standard reports and custom dashboards are also possible. After all, ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’. The availability of the right data is key.

Outbound contact center reports and analytics
outbound contact center services worldwide

What's more

Automatic dialer

Use the automatic dialer to simplify tasks and save time. Integrate with your CRM to provide agents with the right data.

Save costs

By integrating customer service and office telephony and switching to a Sound of Data SIP trunk.

High quality & capacity

Our network of over 35+ worldwide carriers ensures high uptimes, high call quality and high capacity, worldwide for optimal accessibility and cost management.

24/7 access

Manage all your numbers, plans and metrics online in Gearbox, 24/7. Easy to modify whenever you want or ask us to do it for you.

Overview & insights

Use the standard reports or create custom dashboards with metrics that matter to you.

Always compatible

Our services are compatible with all contact center software solutions and infrastructure and require no changes.

outbound activities save costs

Outbound contact center actitivities

Save costs with SIP trunks

Do your departments handle high volumes of long-distance or international calls? Do you still use traditional phone lines for outbound calls? Want to save costs on your monthly phone bills? A Sound of Data SIP trunk helps you do just that and more.

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