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Premium numbers

Premium numbers are telephone numbers with a call rate per minute or per call. That makes these numbers extremely suitable for services with which you want to earn money.

premium numbers advantages

Premium numbers


The biggest advantage of premium numbers is the possibility to make money with them. You can often choose the rate yourself, but there are usually regulations involved. This type of number is also available as a short number, which makes it very suitable for use in campaigns. After all, a shorter number is easier to remember or to write down than a long number.

premium numbers 0900 nummers s

What's more

Different rates

Each country has different rates to choose from, either per minute or per call.

Make money

Premium numbers are ideal for sales-oriented support and paid services.

Nation-wide presence

They give a feeling of nation-wide presence because they are not tied to a specific location.

Easy to route

These numbers are not tied to a specific location. Calls can be easily routed to other locations.

Not suitable for customer service

Paid numbers are usually not allowed for customer service purposes, unless they are free to call or at a local/regional rate.

Short numbers

These numbers are also available in short format (e.g. 0900-XXXX) and as name number (e.g. 0900-TAXI).

Premium numbers


In many countries premium numbers are not allowed for customer service. When buying a product, the customer also buys access to customer service, and this should often either be free or available at a local call rate. In addition, many countries also have rules for the maximum duration or the maximum rate of a call. This is to help prevent debt and abuse. Make sure you are well informed about this.

premium numbers disadvantages
premium numbers applications

Premium numbers

Possible applications

Premium numbers are often used for more sales-oriented support like travel booking or event tickets. Other uses include technical support, information services, astrological hotlines, entertainment, charities, embassies, and television shows or campaigns.

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