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Integrate office & customer service telephony

Improve first time resolution and customer satisfaction by reaching out to colleagues outside customer service like 2nd line support, warehouse employees and other departments.

Improve first time resolution and customer satisfaction

Recognize this:

  • Your customer service agents have trouble answering questions because they’re not able to check things or transfer calls to colleagues outside their department
  • You sometimes have call peaks where you want other departments to assist customer service
  • You want to cut down on costs for both customer service and office telephony
  • And have a better overview of both calls and costs

It's time to integrate office & customer service telephony

This will enable you to

  • Improve important customer service metrics like first time resolution and customer satisfaction
  • Make it easier for agents to reach out to colleagues to solve an issue
  • Lower costs because you can cut down on suppliers for separate telephony platforms and benefit from lower rates because of the volume increase
Integrate office and customer service telephony

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