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Do you want to help your customers faster and relieve the burden on your customer service employees? With's chatbots you get a solution that is time-saving, efficient and customer-friendly.

24/7 support

Easy and fast

With’s chatbots, your customer service is available 24/7. Your customers can easily contact you via the chatbot on your website and quickly receive the information they are looking for. At any time of the day.

Automate frequently asked questions

Increase productivity and efficiency

You take the load off your employees because all frequently asked questions are converted into a conversation with a chatbot. The bots understand countless variations of a given question in many different languages. If the customer isn’t satisfied with the answer, the bot easily transfers the conversation to an employee.

Continuous improvement

Easy to program

The bots are programmed by prompt engineers based on the information you provide. After implementation, the bots are continuously monitored and improved so results continue to increase. This way, the chatbots can handle more and more independently and fewer chats need to be forwarded to agents.

In line with your corporate identity

Customer-friendly and modern

The chatbots can be fully configured to match your corporate identity. The use of media, forms and rules (for example a personal answer based on time, date, context, etc.) is all possible. The chatbot automatically recognizes the user’s language and connects accordingly.

Boost sales

Both proactive and reactive

Do you want the chatbot to only answer questions or can it also provide tips and suggestions? The choice is yours. The bots can be used both proactively and reactively. And not only answer questions, but also boost your sales, customer loyalty and engagement.

Seamless integration

In collaboration with Seamly

We implement these chatbots in collaboration with Seamly, so the technology is well integrated and the conversations (design) fit perfectly with your business. Wondering whether the chatbots are also the right solution for your company? Contact us for a free demo.

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