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Make and receive calls with MS Teams

Use Microsoft Teams for more than just online meetings and chatting. This application is also suitable for internal and external telephony. This way you work more efficiently and your call costs decrease.

Modern telephony features

There is a good chance that MS Teams is already being used for meetings and chatting within your company. But Teams also offers all kinds of modern telephony features, such as:

  • auto attendant, call queue, call recording
  • putting calls on hold and retrieving them
  • forward calls to another number, group, or voicemail

Everything you are used to from modern telephony.

Work location independent

Microsoft Teams is not only available as a desktop and online application, but also as a mobile application. Using Teams for external calls makes it easier to work from any location. Your employees no longer need a landline and can make and receive those calls via Teams.

Integrate with telephone exchange and/or customer contact platform

Whether you call via PSTN or VoIP, Teams can handle both. If your current telephone exchange is modern enough, it can be integrated with Teams. Integrations with customer contact platforms such as 3CX, Xcally, Talkdesk and Genesys are also possible. Your way of working remains the same, while increasing efficiency.

Call cheaper

When your telephony is handled via Teams and Sound of Data, you benefit from our competitive rates and you reduce your costs. We offer worldwide coverage of all types of phone numbers, making it easy for you to grow internationally.

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Modern possibilities

Calling via Teams offers all the modern options you are used to. And you can easily expand this with our other smart telephony services.

Reduce costs

By combining our competitive telephony rates and smart solutions, you reduce your calling costs.

Always combinable

Our services can be combined with all contact center software solutions and infrastructure. No changes are needed.

24/7 access

Manage all your numbers, routing plans and statistics 24/7 online in Gearbox. Simply adjust where needed or ask us to do it for you.

High quality

Thanks to our network with the best tier 1 carriers, you are assured of high uptime and call quality worldwide.

Always included

24/7 call quality assurance, call monitoring, performance analytics, queuing and more.

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