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We connect every chatbot in the voice channel

In a world where communication is becoming increasingly digital, it is crucial that your customers can communicate with your business at any time and through any channel. Whether you are using an advanced AI assistant, a simple FAQ bot, or anything in between, we ensure that your chatbot functions seamlessly within the voice channel.


Seamly is a conversational Interface that can be implemented in your customer center platform.

Where your customer can call someone who instinctively looks like a human, they are actually speaking to a chatbot that looks up what the customer needs in the knowledge base and answers the call quickly and efficiently. Automatic voice translation is even possible, giving the customer the optimal user experience!

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With’s chatbots, your customer service is available 24/7. Your customers can easily contact you via the chatbot on your website and quickly receive the information they are looking for. At any time of the day.

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Freshworks is a leading provider of modern SaaS solutions that solve multiple, complex business problems for companies of all sizes. Companies from over 120 countries around the world use Freshworks products, including Freshdesk; an omnichannel suite, providing a complete customer service solution. Freshdesk is known, among other things, for its clear ticketing tool.

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