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How do you ensure optimal customer service accessibility?

In today’s digital world that is becoming increasingly globalized, it is getting ever more difficult to distinguish yourself at product level. The emotions evoked by your brand and company therefore become all the more important. One of the factors that plays a role in this is the accessibility of your customer service. Because let’s face it, how do you feel about a company that is difficult to reach when you need help?

How to ensure optimal customer service accessibility

Compliant, effective, and efficient

These days customer service is available through multiple channels. Not only by telephone but also digitally. It is important to set up these different communication flows in a compliant, effective, and efficient way. And to make sure that:

  • the service numbers and rates that you use are compliant and in line with the market
  • you have the right insight into and overview of all call data
  • the calls always end up in the right place
  • your employees have the right tools and channels at their disposal

Service numbers and rates

If you want your customer service to be accessible by phone, you need telephone numbers. You can choose from different types of numbers: geographic numbers, non-geographic numbers/business numbers, tollfree/freephone numbers and premium numbers. But be aware, in many countries it is not allowed to use a premium number for customer service. The costs may not exceed that of a local call. In more and more countries, you are also obliged to have a representative and a registered address in the country in order to be able to request and use a number.

Insight and overview

If you use many different numbers for various brands and countries, having an overview is extremely important. Because overview provides insight:

  • How many calls do you receive per hour/day/week/month etc.
  • What are the average call duration and wait time
  • At what times do you see peaks up or down
  • Which contact center scores best when it comes to KPIs

The more data you have at your disposal, the better you can manage it. Not all data is automatically available in your supplier’s contact center software or portal. While that data does exist. A specialized number supplier can often offer a solution. Also, for customized dashboards and reports.

Call distribution

Incoming calls must be delivered to the right place. Even more so if you are active internationally and have multiple contact centers. And this must go well after a destination number change and during spikes or migrations.

Your customers expect you to be easily accessible during opening hours. That’s why it’s convenient if you:

  • can change a destination number yourself
  • can activate a notification during spike to immediately inform callers
  • can send callers a text message with a URL to a page with more information
  • calls are smartly routed to a contact center where it is quieter
  • can remain easily accessible during a migration because your numbers are active with an independent party

Tools and channels

The amount of customer service channels is increasing. Therefore, it is important that customer service representatives can effectively and efficiently manage the interactions in the different channels. Not in standalone tools, but in an omnichannel platform, preferably linked to your CRM system. This way your employees can see all customer data and history and more easily handle questions in 1 interaction. Many of these platforms are cloud-based, so employees have the same data and integrations at their disposal at every workplace. This enables employees to work the same way and deliver consistent quality regardless of their location.

Organize effectively and efficiently

Optimizing the accessibility of your customer service and making sure it operates effectively and efficiently provides a lot of benefits:

  • More overview and insight into your customer service KPIs
  • Improved (international) accessibility
  • Improved customer experience and customer satisfaction
  • Cost savings

So don’t miss out on those opportunities for improvement but start working on them. That is not only good for you, but also for your employees and your brand.

Want to take the international accessibility to the next level?

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